So, I am writing this on my cell phone while in a hotel. As per habit, I usually save most, if not all of my trip pics and details till after the trip. Safety, y’all!

This one was close. My packing looked like:

Yep! Like until 20 minutes before the car came to take us to the airport, I was like that!

My heroic efforts to shut down and shut off continued in the car and  in the airport, when I was still dealing with texts and emails for business. My husband was already in chill mode and I was not winding down. However, once I got on the plane, that was it! I was out, biotches.Like literally. I feel asleep on the plane.

That finally flipped the switch and now I am here, reflecting and journalling by the pool outside my hotel room. This year has definitely taught me the need to be strict about rest and relaxation in order to refuel. And so, without further ado, bye!