How I got to see an Uncle Ellis look-alike wining….

So, it’s Sunday night and the huzzie and I are feeling a little idle. Normally, on alternate Sundays of the month, there is Latin Dancing at the neighbourhood bar a block away from our home. Thinking that tonight was the night for Latin, we decided to go.

On our way to the bar, we pass the neighbourhood panyard (yep, where we live is kinda lit) Tonight, there was a small crowd of youths there, dressed scantily and DJ playing loudly. We just thought it was the beginnings of a Sunday night dance and went on our merry way to the bar. When we got there however, it turned out that we had the wrong Sunday night. Bar is dead. Dang! So we buy a couple drinks. Then somehow we came up with the brilliant idea to go check out the party we passed on the way to the bar.

So, drinks in hand, we went to said party……Except it wasn’t a party. We sat in the bleachers to scope things out – only to realize that we weren’t at a real party. We were at a fake one! Lemme explain – apparently we had happened upon a soca video shoot for the soca artiste Sekon Sta. The song, IMHO, was alright. What made the shoot though was this dude we saw on the bleachers.

My boy was this grey-haired, kinda scruffy dude who could have been Uncle Ellis’s brother. And he was lit all by himself. Just play the music and my boy was gyrating, jumping and dancing like if it was 1999. He was actually more lit than the extras in the party scene. He was enjoying himself so much that the director actually called him off the bleachers into the video to act as hype man to the rather unhyped extras. And – it worked! The extras loosened up and  they got a good shot. After the shot was done, the director said, “Thanks for the vybes, pops.”

So, I hope  the Uncle Ellis look-alike’s shots don’t get cut. Maybe we have discovered Uncle Ellis 2.0. Either way, it was a half-way decent random ass lime.







Author: writes4god

I am 36 year old Trini gal who is a researcher/disability activist/writer

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