Why Activist Chronicles?

So, you wanna know why my blog is called Activist Chronicles? Well, for one, I am a mental health/disability activist living in the country of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. I actually started writing under the hashtag #activistchronicles on my personal Facebook page to discuss the issues of mental health and disability. One particular post, a post I made on Independence Day in my country where I described my release from psychiatric hospital struck a chord. So I made the decision in the aftermath to transfer #activistchronicles from Facebook to an actual blog.

The tagline, “Life. Activism. Mental Health. Disability” is reflective of what I want to talk about.The words in the tag line are separated by full-stops – but -there is no huge separation between them in my everyday life. And so, as you read you will find my everyday life is often the inspiration and jumping off point for an Activist Chronicle. Sometimes, it will be the other way around – mental health and disability issues may be the jumping off point for a particular post. So, in a nutshell, Activist Chronicles just takes you through my journey as an activist, as a person with bipolar disorder, as a wife, as a human being living on God’s green earth. Punto finale.


Author: writes4god

I am 36 year old Trini gal who is a researcher/disability activist/writer

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